Quality control toolingWelcome

Concept And Design Engineering Limited (CaDe) is a mechanical design engineering company who pride themselves in supplying top quality designs and drafting services to many fields of the engineering industry.

Solid right angle lever mechanismAny well run company can be overloaded with design and drafting work, CaDe can help by stepping in at any stage of a project to provide support to your existing draftsmen or to provide quality assurance to work already drafted.
We have the software, computers and expertise to supplement your design requirements.

Testing for clearance using moving partsCaDe are capable of supplying designs from scratch, from similar working designs or upgrade your old 2D drawings to fully working 3D files.
The company’s experience stems from 30+ years of design and manufacture of production quality control systems, which incorporate mechanical design, electrical controls, electronics, computer systems, pneumatic/hydraulic motions, ergonomics, health and safety, plant layouts and project management.
From simple mono detailed projects to large scale assembly machinery, we have the right skills and approach to deliver the results you want.